Aircall raises a $800k seed round to make phone support insanely easy for all SMBs

Aircall is a SaaS software allowing companies to set up and manage their phone support online, virtually anywhere in the world, within minutes.

Startups and SMBs in need of an easy solution to speak with their customers

Olivier Pailhès, Aircall’s CEO, started Aircall in June 2014 inside eFounders startup studio. The project emerged from the experience of Fotolia’s team. At the time, they were struggling with multiple Skype numbers in many countries and couldn’t find an easy and scalable way to manage phone support. That’s what triggered the launch of Aircall, with the vision to make phone support as easy to manage as any other business workflow: online, anywhere, and collaborative.

Aircall crackerjacks phone support in one single software and raises funds to grow internationally

Aircall runs on one ambition: making phone support as easy to manage as email support. For 11 months, Aircall has been developing its core features and ensuring product stability - a strong challenge since the technologies used are new and complex. The team tested its product with hundreds of beta users in 25 countries.

Aircall now offers instant phone numbers in over 30 countries, provides a collaborative phone app to let teams share and follow-up on calls, and connects to any CRM or customer support tool. Plans start at $29 per month, making it available for any business with big ambitions.

Just when Aircall reached the 300,000 calls mark, the startup raised its seed round of $800,000. Providing a stable product was the “trigger for growth”: the funds will be used to finalize its mobile app and start marketing efforts to develop in areas where the product already shows traction: the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France, and Australia.

The phone lines market for SMBs represents $40 billion dollars and is increasing. Aircall positions as a distinctive player in this market and stands out by providing a hardware-free, collaborative and scalable solution.

Newfund and private investors, including Michel Meyer, Oleg Tscheltzoff and Theo Martin, as well as the startup studio eFounders, took part in the seed round. These great partners support Aircall’s greater ambition to change the way voice-based communications are handled at the enterprise level.

Olivier Pailhès, CEO and co-founder of Aircall

About Aircall

Aircall is the phone system built for modern business. Our software installs in minutes, integrates with dozens of critical tools, and brings more context to your most valuable conversations.