Aircall releases its mobile app at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield

With the release of the mobile app, French startup Aircall becomes the easiest app-based enterprise phone solution in the world.

PITCH - Up until today, companies could only rely on heavy call centers or outdated Voice-over-IP services: Aircall now enables any company to set up a phone line and start placing and receiving calls on its own devices, in 3 min.

With its mobile app, Aircall becomes a (better) enterprise version of Skype

Aircall was already offering instant phone numbers in over 30 countries, providing a collaborative phone support software. Now teams can use Aircall to place and receive calls on their own smartphone using their Aircall numbers. Inbound calls are received through the physical network, while outbound calls are placed through the app.

All calls are managed in Aircall, enabling the whole team to collaborate on them, and allowing them to integrate with other business platforms like SalesForce, Zendesk,, etc.

"Aircall" means speaking to customers with the simplicity of Whatsapp and the comprehensiveness of Zendesk. The team is now working on the Android app to close the circle and continue its international expansion.

Aircall’s growth is as impressive as its demo at TC Disrupt Battlefield

Aircall is currently a part of the 500 startups Summer 2015 batch in San Francisco. The French startup’s team founded by Olivier Pailhès inside eFounders startup studio, has already doubled the startup’s revenue in just 2 months. They now count 1500 teams using them worldwide who have placed almost 1,000,000 calls already. Today, they had the opportunity to launch their mobile app at Tech Crunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield.

Olivier’s demo made a big impression at TC Disrupt: the 3 min-demo was enough to set up a whole phone system. He showed that the revolution has started. Old call centers and dedicated devices to manage phone calls are part of the old world. Aircall is building a whole new paradigm.
“Developing our mobile app was our customers’ #1 request: 1 client out of 2 has asked for it. We’ve been beta-testing the app with some of them for a month with over 1,000 calls placed. Now it’s time to roll it out to our whole customer base.„ Jonathan Anguelov, Chief Operations Officer
“The launch of the IOS app is an important step in the implementation of the strategic vision of Aircall:  change the way voice-based communications are handled at the enterprise level.„ Olivier Pailhès, CEO and co-founder of Aircall

Read more about our product, team and vision in our presskit (PDF below)

About Aircall

Aircall is the phone system built for modern business. Our software installs in minutes, integrates with dozens of critical tools, and brings more context to your most valuable conversations.