Aircall Launches Aircall Mobile to Expand Reach Beyond Customer Support Teams

Paris - June 30th, 2016 

Aircall, the online phone system designed for collaboration, announces today the official release of its Android app and its full mobile offer across iOS and Android devices.

9 months ago, Aircall launched its beta iOS app at Techcrunch Disrupt San Francisco, as a first brick to add a mobile solution to its business phone and call center software. Aircall’s iOS app goes now out of beta and its Android app is officially live on the Play store.

Since then, Aircall has gained significant popularity, tripling the size of its customer base and increasing daily call volume by 8 with its instant-on and easy-to-use voice solution for customer service teams.

The push for a full mobile experience has been mainly driven by customer feedbacks as Olivier Pailhes, Aircall CEO explains:

« We first released our solution focusing on customer service teams, but we gathered an increasing amount of requests for a way to deploy our product to remote or travelling teams, and especially for sales use cases. The typical example is the SMB starting to use Aircall for its support team, expanding to its inside sales team and wishing to expand further to field sales or executives. Providing complete mobile apps on both iOS and Android is a must-have in these cases. »

The Aircall mobile apps let users choose one or several business lines they can dial out from or receive calls on, using their very own smartphone - thus providing a solution perfectly fitted for today’s mobile and distributed workforce. Aircall requires absolutely no hardware, is entirely self-service and incorporates collaboration features such as contact and schedule sharing, call assignation and tracking, shared call inboxes and synchronization with other softwares (Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zoho, Hubspot, Pipedrive, to name just a few)

Business-wise, Aircall intends to leverage its mobile app line-up to develop its sales in the US, the most mature market for SaaS applications. The company, headquartered in NYC, with a subsidiary in Paris, France, intends to double the size of its team before the end of the year , and move upmarket to capture Enterprise customers.

About Aircall

Aircall has been created in 2014 starting from the premise that businesses should be able to handle voice communications in a much more flexible, easy and collaborative way. Aircall’s product launched officially in June 2015, and the team secured a seed round of $2.75M in January 2016. The company now serves several thousands of customers in 47 different countries, and has recently moved to new offices in New York City and Paris to accommodate for its recent growth.

About Aircall

Aircall is the phone system built for modern business. Our software installs in minutes, integrates with dozens of critical tools, and brings more context to your most valuable conversations.